Spike Testing and Load Testing Services

What is Spike Testing?

Spike testing is a type of load test.  The object of this type of performance test is to verify a system's stability during bursts of concurrent user and or system activity to varying degrees of load over varying time periods.

Examples of business situations that this type of test looks to verify a system against:

  • - A fire alarm goes off in a major business centre - all employees evacuate.  The fire alarm drill completes and all employees return to work and log into an IT system within a 20 minute period
  • - A new system is released into production and multiple users access the system within a very small time period
  • - A system or service outage causes all users to lose access to a system.  After the outage has been rectified all users then log back onto the system at the same time

Spike testing should also verify that an application recovers between periods of spike activity.

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