TestPartner to SilkTest Migration

Testing Performance provides support and a quick and easy migration path from TestPartner to Sik Test.

Our tools and supporting services ensure a cost effective and measureable migration between the two products.

We have devloped, with Microfocus, a tool for the migration of legacy TestPartner scripts into the more robust Silk Test product.

This will ensure business continutiy for the forseeable future.

Testing Performance are a strategic partner with MicroFocus and have technical expertise in their test tool products,TestPartner to SilkTest Migration.

Business challenge

Many users of TestPartner are looking to move to SilkTest to take advantage of the power of the market places leading automated test tool. Investment in TestPartner assets such as scripts and shared modules that test critical applications can be measured in man years. This investment does not need to be lost. Companies can now migrate these test assets to SilkTest with a minimum of effort and cost. With less time spent on re-building a new automated functional testpack, your QA staff can expand test coverage and optimize application quality.

Product overview

The migration process supports most TestPartner Work bench assets creating in turn the equivalent asset in SilkTest. An analysis of your TestPartner assets is executed using the TestPartner Migration Analysis utility which results in a report that identifies how many lines of TestPartner code can be converted along with the number of red flags that will require manual re-work. The conversion process itself takes place as two phases.

Convert and Compile
The TestPartner Migration utility converts all TestPartner scripts and assets inserting comment lines where lines of code are not able to be directly migrated. All scripts are reviewed and compiled.

Validate and Handover
Validation takes place against the application under test, therefore this phase occurs on site at your location. This enables training and handover of your new SilkTest assets to occur in parallel. At completion of Training, your staff will be armed and ready to complete the validation process and move forward with your new automated functional test pack.

Key Benefits

With a utility based solution, the migration to SilkTest is quick and cost effective. A proven process that has been successfully used to minimise the impact to the testing of your critical applications.

Compared to doing it yourself, manually coding new automated test scripts, the return on investing in the Migration process could show a return of 10 times or more with a small migration taking 3 weeks and a very large migration taking 9 weeks.

Reduced Disruption
With the duration of the migration being relatively short, the impact to the Business of testing your critical applications is reduced. Prioritisation of your most important test assets can have these back with minimum outage.

Flexible Offering
The migration service is tailored to suit your individual requirements. With the jump start to SilkTest offering, your technicians are readied to complete the testing of the new SilkTest scripts and move forward with the new tool. Alternatively, a full migration service will leave you with a fully functioning test pack.

Single Testing Infrastructure
As the migration process is so quick, switching from one tool to the other is fast and easy. There is no need to maintain and operate testing infrastructure for two sets of tools in parallel while slowly converting scripts over a period of time thus reducing cost, hassle and administration.

Training Based on your Test Assets
The training and handover provided by Testing Performance’s experts will be carried out against your applications with your new SilkTest scripts at your location. By the time theTesting Performance technicians have completed the required level of script validation, they will be intimately familiar with the automation that will ensure the best possible handover.

Post Migration Scripting Support
This service doesn't have to stop at completion of migration. While normal maintenance does not provide specific support with scripts, this can be provided by those technicians who worked to build your SilkTest scripts..

Why use Testing Performance?

Testing Performance built the Migration & Migration Analysis Utilities.
Working closely with the SilkTest 13 development team, Testing Performance built the TestPartner migration utilities so are the foremost experts in running and managing the migration delivery. The Migration utility is specifically built with SilkTest 13 in mind with the migration process taking advantage of the new features available in SilkTest13. The development of the utility alongside SilkTest 13 means that features have been added into SilkTest specifically to cater for the requirements of this conversion utility.
Testing Performance has a long standing relationship with MicroFocus.
Testing Performance have been trusted partners of Microfocus for many years. With ex Borland and Compuware employees, Testing Performance knows the MicroFocus products expertly and have the resources, capability and reputation to deliver Migration services.
Having worked with the migration utility from the start, Testing Performance have the experience to efficiently and quickly assess and migrate your automated test pack.

Detailed feature overview

Key feature highlights include:

  • Free assessment of suitability for migration of your TestPartner assets
  • Conversion of your TestPartner scripts to SilkTest
  • Validation of your SilkTest scripts against your application
  • Training and Handover on site at your location