Automated Software Testing

We provide services to help businesses with the end-to-end automated testing process for both functional and non-functional testing projects.

We have onshore experts in a variety of automated test tools that can help you define your requirements, identify costs and build a measureable and maintainable automated testing process.

An Overview of our automated testing services

Our Automated Software Testing Services cover the end-to-end process of implementing an automated testing solution for your business.

Our testing service includes;

  • Test strategy development
  • Automated test tool reviews
  • Automated test tool comparisons and analysis
  • Development and implementation of automated testing frameworks
  • Automated test script development
  • Training of resource in automated testing methodologies and effective implementation
  • Automated testing can speed up testing cycles significantly. However, automated testing has a number of pitfalls that can cause a significant loss of time and money when implemented incorrectly.

We offer software testing services and are providers of automated testing solutions.

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