Website Load Testing using Apache JMeter over our Global Cloud

Our solution

This solution doesn’t require procurement of expensive performance test tools. The following provides an overview of a typical performance testing engagement

  1. Allow us access to your system via our secure server so we can get started with the scripting – we can also come to your place of business.
  2. We develop test scripts that simulate users executing the primary business processes supported by your application
  3. Monitoring of system servers is established to check how your system servers respond during testing load
  4. We build load profiles using JMeter scripts to simulate real user loads on your system from over our global cloud load generators
  5. We generate transaction response time application and server analysis reports after applying load
  6. We identify points of tuning and work with your development team to rectify performance issues

No software costs

Apache JMeter is an open source performance testing tool, which is robust and mature and utilized by companies around the world to conduct application and system performance testing.

Apache JMeter is taking an increasingly large market share in the web based performance testing market. It allows us to provide you with the most affordable performance testing solutions available, as the software is free!

Testing Performance utilizes bespoke plugins, which ensures the most robust performance testing solution is delivered to meet your requirements.

Cloud Load Testing

No need to procure expensive load generator servers!

The cloud is the perfect place to generate large loads.  Our cloud service offers the cheapest way to test your system to peak and peak plus loads.  This saves you the time and effort to procure or lease servers to operate as load generators.  Why pay a fortune to build and maintain internal load generators? Resource can instantly be allocated to meet the on demand needs of your testing.

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