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Firewall Testing Services

We offer testing of Firewalls using Spirent’s Hardware testing solutions – Avalanche and ThreatEx. Your firewalls will be tested under load whilst being attacked by the latest and most prevalent viruses.

There is no test more robust to ensure the security of your systems and to ensure that your firewall solutions are fit for purpose. The testing can be conducted on-site, in a controlled testing environment, or off-site at a testing lab.

This combination of load testing and security testing will provide you with a comprehensive set of test results that clearly demonstrates the performance characteristics of your firewalls.

We Ensure Your Firewalls are Effectively Security Tested

Testing Performance offers Firewall Load Testing and Security Testing Using an 'Avalanche' hardware solution.

This is a hardware testing tool that is slotted directly into your data centers and provides the ability to inject load onto your firewalls. Most commonly this product is used in conjunction with the 'Threatex' product for a combined performance test and security test. Threatex is a product that generates actual attacks on your firewall.

The combination of load and actual live threats on your firewall will verify the capability of any firewall and ensure that it is effectively security tested.This is an industry standard for security testing firewalls.

The process generally takes between 5 days and two weeks depending on your requirements.

We also offer an offsite (in a lab) verification of your firewall. This requires physically taking your firewall hardware to our labs for security testing and performance testing services.

Our hardware and software security testing service is the most advanced solution available on the market.

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