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Performance Modelling Services

We are suppliers of the industry leading transaction aware performance modelling software mBrace. Our consultants are leading performance modelers with years of experience across multiple lines of business.

Transaction Aware Performance Modelling (TAPM) is being exploited by many blue chip companies because it is so cost effective, enabling capacity and performance results without the requirement to build hugely expensive performance test environments.

Transaction Aware Performance Modelling Services

Transaction Aware Performance Modelling with mBrace
We offer a performance modelling and a capacity planning service using the product mBrace.

mBrace allows for modelling of individual business processes.
mBrace allows transaction response times to be modelled under varying degrees of load and system configurations.

This is one of the most intelligent forms of performance modelling available on the market.
Testing Performance are suppliers of the Software and supporting Services for the mBrace product.

Testing Performance provides on site performance modelling services.
We can provide:

  • resource to conduct performance modelling
  • the necessary tools to meet your requirements
  • training to your employees to ensure an effective skills transfer and certification

We are a Testing consultancy and can help you with your requirements.

mBrace Performance Modelling

Transaction Aware Performance Modelling (TAPM)

Testing Performance offers Performance Modelling and Simulation Services

The tool of choice for our Modelling activities is mBrace. We offer sales and support for the mBrace product in the UK.

mBrace is a tool that uniquely offers Transactional Aware Performance Modelling.

Through mBrace a system’s performance can accurately be modelled without having to build expensive performance test environments.

A system's performance can be verified by conducting modeling on a test environment. No need for expensive test environments.

The model can feed with the expected production configurations. This is an extremely powerful way to model as scaled (expensive) environments are not required.

The mBrace tool provides standard functionality found in most modelling tools for capacity planning and topography inputs.

Uniquely mBrace provides response time breakdowns and utilizations for individual transaction types within each business flow. It shows at a glance which transaction types “misbehave” and need attention.

Transactional Aware Performance Modelling is a very effecient way of verifiying the performance of your systems.

mBrace Advantages

  • A simple and straightforward process
  • Allows pinpointing of problematic transactions within user journeys
  • Allows data collected from test environments to be used to accurately model performance in production environments
  • Allows all components of the infrastructure to be modelled including Network, Server and Software Components
  • Allows infrastructure resource usage to be accurately and directly related to user and system actions and events
  • The product is browser  based for Global access
  • Is a very good option for businesses with test environments that cannot be scaled to production capacities
  • No installations of agents required, so absolutely no security risks.
  • Transaction Aware Performance Modelling is a highly effective method of ensuring the performance of your system is fit for purpose.
  • Many of our customers have found this to be a great alternative to performance testing. However, we always recommend that performance testing and performance modeling be conducted in unison to achieve the greatest level of risk reduction.